Motherland Hospital has well developed centers that are focused on neonatal care. Each delivery is supported by the Department of neonatology – which comprises of a well experienced team of neonatologists, intensive care specialists and anesthetists to take care of the new born. The experts are also well trained and equipped to handle any complications such as – pre term delivery, infections, breathing difficulties, to list a few. All units of Motherland Hospital follow international standards of developmental supportive care – a specialized medical approach used to handle the sick and fragile newborns.

Each NICU at Motherland Hospital has been outlined remembering the prerequisites of the neonates. The supporting staff and nurses are all trained to handle the delicate newborns with care and empathy in compliance to the worldwide benchmarks of formative steady care, laying stress on the importance of sound, light and taking care of.

The Department is very much bolstered by state of the art incubators and warmers, ensuring that the child feels safe and secure. The department is well established to deal with instances of prematurity, precious deliveries and twin deliveries alongside guaranteeing all parts of disease control and quality.

To help the mother post-delivery, Motherland Hospital offers a range of specialized care programs that aim at advising, preparing and arranging the new mother and family on critical angles related with newborn child. Lactation Counseling, Toddler Care, Baby Massage are few specialized projects that prepare the mother to provide the proper care and support to her child.