As per research, every 6 in 10 women fear pregnancy, the associated complications with it and most importantly labor pains. Expecting mothers are informed and counseled about the signs and symptoms of onset of labor pains and how to manage them. Motherland Hospital specializes in Lamaze Therapy & Education Sessions for the expecting mother in educating her on the right approach towards motherhood. The hospital also organizes sessions for both the partners so that the fathers are also aware of the journey of motherhood.

Lamaze Sessions aim to provide every mother and couples with the confidence of a normal and a healthy birth experience. Information on the birth positions, epidural options and pain relief is provided. Male partners are also given sessions in order to support their expecting partners by caring for them, the child and exercising together. The use of special toys such as the birthing balls, rubber balls, water tubs, rocking chairs is also done. Details of maternity wear, everyday exercise, diet and common issues are provided to the pregnant mothers.

Lamaze is basically a child birth preparation technique that encompasses the pregnancy, birth and parenting tips. The sessions provide the expecting and new mothers’ information on how to deal with the change and accept their new borns. All Lamaze sessions at Motherland Hospital are well coordinated, managed and considered by specialists and Lamaze instructors – Obstetricians, Painless Delivery Experts, Physiotherapists, Nutrition Experts, Lactation Counsellors, etc.


Lamaze Classes are specially designed to providing expert guidance in educating and informing the expecting mothers on the choice of the medical intervention for delivery – C Section, Normal and Painless. Each choice is as per the medical condition of the expecting mother.


  •  Share your anxiety points and ask for expert opinion for the Lamaze instructors.
  •  Don’t stretch the need of the Lamaze session and classes to the last month of pregnancy. Be prepared and proactive in your approach
  •  Do your research and take breathing, relaxation and pain relief advice before the final day of delivery.
  •  Consider cognitive therapy. Discuss your apprehensions with a group, so that you come to know that you are not the only one feeling the same. In a group you can get inclusive and exclusive advice. You can also talk privately to the instructors and the specialist.
  •  Learn the relaxation skills. One should be thorough with the meditation, breathing and exercise options.
  •  Have a midwife. Motherland Hospital has special Pal Services through which one can have someone to assist, educate and guide before, during and post-delivery. It provides the perfect support system in case of mother being an only parent and has no one experienced in your family to guide you.

  • Exercises during pregnancy to relieve pain, stress and other ailments.
  • Information about the diet and other nutritional plans that should be followed pre and post delivery
  • Special exercise session for the couples so that both can bond and be participants in the journey of motherhood
  • Special counselling sessions to handle the change in attitude, responsibility both for the mother and the father
  • Special information on the medical interventions